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The workshops are:



Computer Workshops



Presently this has 11 Computers and a projector. The workshop is presently being used as a computer date input centre and has been entrusted with the work of inputting parliamentary sittings by the Speaker of the House of representatives. The Council in collaboration with FITA organises Computer courses for members and non members. FITA is also given space at the Centre to house a Computer Technical workshop giving a further opportunity to our members to develop their IT knowledge.


The Council is presently doing its utmost with other organisations (government and private) to make use of the data input services, giving our members more opportunities as it will give the opportunity to our Council to take more attendants to this workshop. The workshop operates from Monday to Friday)




General Workshops


This workshop at the moment is doing work for Dowty Rings. It gives the opportunity for 6/8 members to remain occupied. The Council would like to find other work for this workshop, not only to provide more work for the members that attend this workshop but to be in a position to increase attendance to other members. The workshop operates from Monday to Friday.



Soft Toy Manufacture Workshops


This workshop which is held every Thursday manufactures soft toys for fund raising use.



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