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 Walking Aids


On similar lines as the Hire of wheelchairs the Council also offers the possibility of long /short term hire of walking aids. .  These are rented at moderate rates, and one can get more information by phoning: + 356 21 693853 / + 356 21 692221 – during office hours (See administration). Also by sending a fax: + 356 692 221 or an email to:……….



Use of Premises


The Centre can make available for use its premises under special conditions. These include:



The Assembly Hall


Can host 120 seated  / 250 standing – kitchen facilities available.



The Outdoor Area


Ideal for camping, outdoor activities, sports activities.



Board Room


Conference table seats 20 persons.










Chauffer Driven Vans / Coach


The Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund provides transport for its members thus facilitating their participation in the activities organized by the Council. To achieve this aim the Council, with the assistance of numerous contributors, invested in having a fleet to vans equipped with special lifts.


These include:




The Council also owns a Coach…..


To operate these The Council has well trained and efficient drivers, who have years of experience.  The council also from time to time utilise Volunteer drivers who offer their service to the Funds. All drivers need to have the required experience so as the Council can ensure a good and reliable service.


The general public, tourist agencies, tourist who require our service can phone + 356 21 693853 / + 356 21 692221 – during office hours (See administration). Or by sending a fax: + 356 692 221 or an email to:……….

Service offered 24X7. Prices affordable. Service excellent.


Other then using the service you will be assisting us to maintain our fleet to enable us to reach our obligations to our Mission








The General Public are also encouraged to become members of

The Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund.

Annual Subscription Lm

Annually payable in advance



Membership Application Form


I wish it become a member of the Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund



Download Form


Electronic payment can be made to the following Bank Accounts:


HSBC Paola   Account No

1 3 0 7 5 1 6 3 0 0 1

Bank of Valletta   Account No

4 0 0 1 5 8 8 9 5 7 7



Send your mail




else can be Addressed to: 


The Treasurer,

The Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund,

Corradino Hill,

Paola, PLA07.



All membership applications will be acknowledged by a receipt.


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