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Electronic payment can be made to the following Bank Accounts:



The Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund founded in  1946 has one aim, to integrate its members in Society.

 Our daily expenditure covering maintenance of premises,  vehicles, mobile aids, insurance, fuel and part-time  employees  amounts to Lm 500.00 a week.


 This year, through our generous benefactors, we are hoping  to purchase more modern wheelchairs and mobile aids.

 The Center is mainly run by volunteers but without your generous donations we will not be able to reach our aim.

 If you require more information regarding the PHRF, please  refer to our website, namely,



 Funds can be deposited directly into our HSBC Bank, Paola


Carmen Attard,

Treasurer, PHRF.



Auditors : KPMG


HSBC Paola   Account No

1 3 0 7 5 1 6 3 0 0 1

Bank of Valletta   Account No

4 0 0 1 5 8 8 9 5 7 7



All donations will be acknowledged by a receipt.


 Cheques can also be made out to PHRF and sent to the  following address:








Addressed to: 


The Treasurer,

The Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund,

Corradino Hill,

Paola, PLA 1903,



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