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Coffee Morning


The Fund Raising and Social Activities Committee of The Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund - Corradino Hill, Paola

will be organising a Coffee Morning on Thursday 17 March 2011 at Melita Gardens - H' Attard


All those who would like to attend are kindly asked to phone Ms. Helen Sciberras on Tel 21436421 / Mob.99845600


The Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund and ask for Ms. Rita Bezzina  on Tel. 21693863.


Tickets will also be available at the door.



Our Philosophy


The promotion and the rehabilitation of the physically handicapped through out the Maltese Islands.






        Serving as a medium for Deliberation, Exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and experience and the compilation and dissemination of information.

        Organize trade classes and courses of instruction.

        Encouraging research in the field or rehabilitation, including the causes of disability, and promote measures for their elimination.

        Encouraging the rehabilitation through participation in sports and social activities.

        Assisting governmental agencies or authorities and private enterprise, in their programs for the rehabilitation of the handicapped.

        Co-operate with other organizations, both government and voluntary in advancing the welfare of the handicapped.

        Supporting any legislation that will further the development of the Rehabilitation programs.

        Receiving, use holding and applying any contributions, bequests and endowments or the proceeds thereof to carry forward rehabilitation programs.

        Providing services and technical assistance and other services compatible with the purposes set for our Mission.





Contact us:


The Treasurer,

The Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund,

Corradino Hill,

Paola, PLA 07,



Telephone:  + 356 693863 / + 356 692221, Fax:  + 356 692221



Opening Hours


Summer June - Oct

Monday to Friday      08.30   to 13.00

Winter Oct June

Monday to Friday      08.30 to 15.30


*Shut downs are used for maintenance work at the Centre.



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